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Although many pregnancies are considered normal and only need standard prenatal care from an OB-GYN provider, there are certain circumstances that may require you or your baby to have additional testing, monitoring and treatment.


Sonovision Fetal Medicine Centre has the expertise and services to help manage these high-risk pregnancies.

We offer specialized care to pregnant women and their babies.

Dr Jay Vaishnav

Dr Jay Vaishnav has done special training in the assessment and management of high-risk pregnancies. This additional training allows the providers to care for women with issues deemed to be high risk to the mother or child; including, but not limited to:

In some cases, a pregnancy may be considered high risk if the mother has a family history of the following diseases:

Dr Jay Vaishnav is FMF (UK) certified fetal medicine consultant , who is experienced in a wide variety of complex high risk maternal fetal conditions and will partner with you to improve care for mom and baby/babies. By working with the patient’s OB-GYN provider, we can help co-manage the high-risk pregnancy to ensure that the patient is closely monitored.


Genetic counseling

Pre-conception counseling

First trimester screening

Second trimester screening

Evaluation of fetal anomalies and growth disorders

Invasive testing

Non-invasive prenatal testing